Alpaca Breeders of Western New York

July 9th and 10th

This is the 4th annual WNY Alpaca Show and Fiber Festival held on the grounds of the Empire City Farns located at 105 South Street, in Cuba, New York. The location is worth the trip. These are the grounds that the Cuba Garlic Festival take place on and believe me, this is a beautiful spot. The festival will be "green" and have "made in N.Y." products! So, grab your car keys and come on out and support the Alpaca Breeders in our area. They will have a raffle consisting of all of the vendors wares so all of you lucky people out there, don't miss this great opportunity. See you there!

  8508 Baldwin Hill Road  |  P.O Box 55  |  Rushford, New York 14777  |  (585) 437-2106  |