Maple Weekend Open House at Baldwin Hill Farms

TWO WEEKENDS: March 19th & 20th

AND: March 26th & 27th Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm

This year we will be open both weekends. This is where we open up our facility and "SHINE"! Don't miss seeing maple syrup being made in person! We will have George Northem giving tours so don't forget to bring the kids for a fun, but educational, day. Vickee Rogacki and Jan Jessop will be the "sample ladys" for the weekend giving out samples of all of our products. We want you to try before you buy! And of course, Bob Heslin will be at the register if you decide that you can't live without something! Bob's wife, Lana, will be lending a helping hand while Paul, Brandon, Karen and I enjoy welcoming you all into our wonderful world of maple!! We can't wait to meet you all! Look for the new treat this year. Our garlic and chive dip mix has been such a big hit that we have produced a vegetable spread that we think equals the flavor. This is going to be a sure hit and you can get in on being the first to experience the flavors. We are also working on a chicken marinade that is so popular in the north. If we can get the recipe approved by Maple Weekend, it will be available to the public also. So, don't miss Baldwin Hill Farms this maple season. We have some wonderful products for your enjoyment!

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